Workshops, Lectures and Jurying

Edee has taught watercolor classes and a variety of workshops for the Visual Art Association of Livonia for 34 years. She travels extensively, teaching workshops for art groups and schools in traditional and experimental techinques in watercolor, masterin color and design, collage, drawing & painting the face and figure, etc.

Edee provides stimulating and educational programs for art clubs and council meetings, college symposiums, etc.

Edee is a respected juror, having judged exhibits for more than 200 clubs, art councils, colleges, and juried art fairs. She is also a curator for exhibits.

Call to schedule dates as soon as possible for workshops, lectures, and jurying at 248.661.1020

Classes and Workshops — 2019

VAAL - Visual Art Association of Livonia - Livonia, MI
Registrar: Dorothy Amberger at 734-261-7633.
Spring Semester (6 weeks)
"Some Like It Hot!" (Hot press, that is!)
Watercolor on hot press, yupo or gessoed canvas. Have fun letting the paint have its way on a smooth surface, for that painterly look we love. Start collecting reference ideas and taking pictures of a wide variety of subjects—possibly out of your "comfort zone". We will explore the special effects possible on these "slippery" surfaces. Edee will help you grow creatively as you complete new and exciting works of art.
Mar. 11–Apr. 15 10am - 3pm
Mar. 12–Apr. 16 10am - 3pm
Workshop: "Watercolor and Wax" - A Unique Technique
Bringing back a successful workshop for repeat students to further explore the possibilities of this technique. First time students will be surprised at the beautiful results of combining watercolor and melted parafin wax on Ginwashi rice paper. The paper becomes transparent—the colors luminous. Complete several "show worthy paintings". Advanced students and serious beginners. Early registration suggested.
Friday to Sunday
Mar. 22 - 23 9:30am - 3pm
Mar. 24 12pm - 3pm
Workshop: "Spring Flowers - Watercolor Wet and Free"
Bring out your big brushes to create juicy wet-in-wet "happenings" from which luminous Spring flowers will emerge. Edee will demonstrate how to create lost and found edges, colorful negative shapes, resists, stencil spatters, and some new techniques she's discovered. Collage artists are invited to join in and surprise us! This workshop is a Spring tradition for many VAAL painterrs who take it every year to loosen up and make beautiful paintings. Beginners anre welcome. Sign up early.
Friday to Sunday
Apr. 5 - 6 9:30am - 3pm
Apr. 7 12pm - 3pm
Cadillac & Manistee Workshop in Wellston, MI
Registrar: Suzatte Lee at 231-233-3912
"The Goddess Returns - Watercolor"
Students will create a beautiful background for a lovely goddess. Her theme can be seasons, mythology, birds, flowers, etc. Edee will share and show her method for drawing and painting faces. She will demonstrate many techniques for the wet-in-wet washes that surround the goddess using salts, plastic wrap, stencils, rubbings, masking fluid, wax and rice papers. Some painting and drawing experience is suggested. (3 days)
June 5 - 6 - 7
Oliver Art Center - 132 Coast Guard Rd., Frankfort, MI 49635
Registrar: Mercedes Michalowski, Executive Director
231-352-4151 or email
Workshop: Painting "Me" Bold and Free
Once again, Edee will share her innovative, painterly techniques! Students will be inspired to grow creatively as artists, while completing an exciting and original work of art. We'll begin our paintings with wet-in-wet washes of watercolor on Arches paper. Special effects will then be created using salts, plastic wrap, wax paper, stencils, masking fluid, stampings, etc. Once dry, collaged overlays of transparent rice paper, painted tissue pulls, rubbings, etc. will be applied to create a beautiful background. The subject can be your face or figure, another person, an animal, or even a landscape. The medium for the subject can be an India ink drawing, watercolor, acrylic, or a combination of contour drawing and washes. Individualized attention will be given to students with no prior experience in painting people. The style will be impressionistic rather than photo realistic. All levels of painting experience are welcomed. Join this class for another creative opportunity to work with a very inspiring instructor. (3  days)
Sep. 10 - 11 - 12